It’s been known for centuries that the firearm and hunting fraternity has played a pivotal role in wildlife conservation, the duality of the matter put aside it’s in the best interest for us as dealers to ensure a safe and controlled habitat for our fauna.  

We’ve been in the business for four decades, and have witnessed first-hand the impact poaching has on the wildlife population in our immediate area. Poaching is generally referred to as the illegal hunting and killing of wildlife and by definition is distinguished from hunting based on the legal status.

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity is a key foci of conservation biology and a multipronged strategy can be beneficial in combatting wildlife crimes, this might be viewed as an anecdotal approach to a much more complex problem.

We argue that in order to establish a more data orientated and collaborative method various small outreach programs can contribute towards identifying certain characteristics of poaching activities in the immediate area. Through collecting data pertaining to the type of poaching such as snares, baiting and dogs can assist conservation efforts in predicting geographic movement of poaching activities.

In an effort to contribute towards such research we are collaborating with South Coast Anti-Snaring a local south coast group assisting farmers in the removal of snares, one of the cruellest forms of poaching. Snares are effective because these traps are generally made from offcut steel wire, and placed on wildlife pathways.

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